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Congress Theme: Pharmacy building a sustainable future for healthcare – Aligning goals to 2030

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BRISBANE, WARTA-APOTEKER.com – The pharmacist is key in assuring a safe and effective supply of medicines as well as their responsible use. As a direct provider of services, from primary prevention and screening of diseases, immunisations to therapeutic monitoring, the work of our profession ensures that a patient’s medical therapy is appropriate, the most effective, the safest possible and the most convenient.

The FIP Development Goals align pharmacists’ education with societal and healthcare needs, taking into consideration the path to universal health coverage and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and make the case for investing in the pharmacy workforce of tomorrow.

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These goals present the profession with the direction for advancement and transformation and establishing its place within the healthcare system. By linking the FIP vision with a needs-based pharmaceutical workforce transformation programme, we can then build a sustainable future for healthcare — aligning goals to 2030.

Linked to a healthier world, the “Pharmacy building a sustainable future for healthcare — aligning the goals” theme sets out long-term goals and principles, as well as short-term actions, to transform the role and contribution of pharmacy. That transformation is required to maximise the health gain that healthcare systems derive from their interactions with the pharmacy profession.

Join us in Brisbane and be part of our mission!

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